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As soon as tick larvae hatch, they immediately begin searching for hosts, which tend to be small animals such as mice. It is during these early feeding stages that ticks contract diseases such as Lyme. As ticks grow, they will start latching on to larger animals and humans that pass by. Because deer tick bites are relatively painless, many victims do not even know they have been bitten until long after a tick has latched on. These parasites are also very small and therefore difficult to spot. Ticks attach themselves to animal hosts and hide within fur, hair, or feathers. On humans, ticks are commonly found in the areas near the nape of the neck and on the scalp.
Humans can easily contract Lyme disease and other tick borne infections if bitten. Weed Man recommends a preventative control program for your property to stave off unwanted pests. 
Each insect control application lasts approximately 28-32 days and controls ticks, fleas and chiggers. 
Packages we offer:

Package 1:  4 months of coverage (buy 3 apps and get 1 free)
Package 2:  7 months of coverage (buy 5 apps and get 2 free)
Package 3: 12 months of coverage (buy 8 apps and get 4 free)
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